Who is Fixer amsterdam

Looking for a fixer for a news report, tv-show, documentary or commercial in the Netherlands? We can help you out.

Fixer Amsterdam is founded by Joost van der Wegen. As an experienced journalist, based in Amsterdam, he worked for tv, as well as news papers, magazines and press agency’s.

We can assist you in your research and production. But we can also arrange crew, equipment, transport, catering etc. for your company. F.A. works with an experienced network of professionals, that has proven itself in earlier projects.

Don’t hesitate to call or email, if you want us to be part of your team.

Let us do your remote production

In the corona year 2020 we worked for production company’s remotely, producing, interviewing and directing films for our clients,  obeying the COVID-19 rules in the Netherlands. We used web platforms to stay in touch with producers abroad, in order to film in the way they like. Let us help you produce your film in Holland, with no one traveling. It can be done.

Projects Fixer Amsterdam supported

  • All projects
  • Commercial
  • Documentary
  • Fixer
  • Producer


It’s in the word ‘fixer’ itself, isn’t it? A local producer should be able to help you out in the way you think is necessary, quickest, or most convenient. So if it’s about sourcing your crew and handling their payroll, or arranging filming from the tower of the old church in the red light district as a high point: we can do it – and we have proven already we can do so.

We can not only fix it, we can adapt too. Crews from around the globe work in different teams, filming in their own style, demanding from their fixer what they think is needed. That’s our starting point in working with you.

We are always ahead in operating in this country. This means you are in the lead in Holland too, as soon as you decide to hire us. ‘We could not have done this without you’, is the response we get after each project. Along the way saving you time and money, and securing your filming.

What we can fix

  • Research, production
  • Location scouting
  • Filming permits
  • Crew sourcing
  • Casting/extra’s
  • Equipment rental
  • Flights and hotel arrangements
  • Transport, drivers
  • Release form handling
  • Payroll handling

Who worked with
Fixer Amsterdam

KA P Productions
Hoplite Entertainment
RAI tv
The New York Times
Big Balls Media
Sveriges Radio
Ren TV
Zig Zag Productions
BBC News
New Decade
Circle Blue Media

Ella Sanderson, producer

Partizan Film, London, UK

'Joost set up a two day shoot for our Expedia commercial, with very short notice. We were delighted with the professionalism of Joost’s team and his crew. It was a great experience.'

Jeanette Trigiani Diehl, Producer/Director

Circle Blue Films, Toronto, Canada

'Joost made it very easy for us to do our job in Holland. He was very well organized, was able to supply us with the local knowledge we needed, and then some! He did some great location scouting, fixed unpredictable locations including getting an electric boat for us last minute, and even recommended great places to buy records! He even drove the boat on the canals. He went above and beyond the call of duty and was a pleasure to work with. He always went the extra mile. I would highly recommend him as a fixer or part of any team that needs to film in Holland.'

Brent Spillane, producer,

MoonMedia, New Zealand

'Joost is very organised and has incredible knowledge about his city. He took us to fantastic locations and even got me into the pond at Rijks Museum, but maybe I shouldn't have done that in the middle of winter! I recommend Joost for future TV productions of any size'

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Don’t hesitate to call or email, if you want me to be part of your team.

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